I am a 26-year old Dun Quarter Horse Mare. I have been working as a therapeutic lesson horse since 2009. I am strong, energetic, and patient. I Am Special because I am challenging and athletic enough for Sunshine Ranch's advanced riders, but I am also sweet, gentle, and careful enough to be entrusted with the job of taking care of ouryoungest, smallest students. 



Hello Friends! I am a 17-year old Bay Quarter Horse Gelding. I am the class clown and will smile my cheesiest grin for you if you have an apple or carrot! I Am Special because I am a silly, gentle soul who loves all of my riders and volunteers. I also love bonding with new friends. People say that I am very handsome, but I take my pride in remaining humble, sweet, and obedient to everyone I work with. I love life and I love my job!

I am a 21-year old Chestnut Quarter Horse Gelding. I have been with Sunshine Ranch since July 2012, and I am so thankful to have found such a wonderful home and fulfilling job. I Am Special because I am incredibly sweet and cuddly, and also very Strong. I am the proud horse who carries our adult students and allows Sunshine Ranch to offer its riding opportunities to a wide range of wonderful friends. Sometimes people call me the Ranch Diva or Drama King, but it's tough being this handsome, shiny, talented and strong!